Saturday, November 17, 2012

Past Work 6

untitled portrait
watercolor and colored pencil on illus. board
13.5" x 12.25" (34.29cm x 31.115cm)

Here is another blast from the past... the same experimental stuff on slick illustration board.
This was when I began to get the hang of it, however it is still a tough surface to work on.
Often the surface takes over, dictating too much for me, how it looks. I prefer controlling it. I want decisions to be conscious ones.
That's not to say I don't like happy accidents but you can't start with too many uphill battles.
This is one reason I generally don't work on canvas in oils. You can't escape its texture, especially when photographing the art.

I was still having some problems controlling the spottiness in the shadows but overall I was happy with the results... the design of the shapes, the palette, etc.
I was experimenting with mixing-in the colored pencil with watercolor. Not knowing how well it would work and not wanting to risk ruining the head ,which I was feeling good about, I reserved it for the shirt. I liked the way it gave a velvety depth and texture to what would otherwise be a flat graphic shape. It is hard to see the subtlety of its application in this photo but there is green pencil underlying the blue watercolor.195

Click on image for larger view


  1. David your "Avid Art" is making me an "Avid Art Follower!" :0)
    Have a great Thanksgiving buddy!
    (If you get a chance check out some photos of my little town. Posted this morning. Very Much New England!)
    East Coast West Coast Both Rock!

  2. Hi Michael,
    You too have a great Thanksgiving.
    ...and... thanks... er... I think you are already an Avid Art follower.
    I'll probably have to issue some kind of certificate : )
    Will head over to your east coast, via your blog.

    keep painting...