Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Avid Art 2

Ha! Ha! Ha! I made it... Avid Art 2 published January 1 2014 (just barely still counts).

OK, so here it is, Avid Art 2, repped by a bunny, or a rabbit (maybe I should call it rabid art) and it's meant to be cute sardonic or deadpan or something?
But please don't expect too much. I don't even know where it's headed.

What I do know is this one won't be too formal. I will leave it completely open to changing it on a whim if I feel like it.

I may change the header, the colors, the type, the format, the content, who knows. I might even have long run-on sentences (sorry High School English teacher)...  well probably not that last one.

When I decided to do another blog I spent a lot of time thinking about what and how to do it all, nearly driving myself crazy with planning, then it dawned on me, STOP IT! Just do it like a chameleon would and change it if I don't like something. Not everything has to go down a paved road. Every so often it's good to suddenly turn left into the brush, prickly's and all. Go there if you dare.
Link will also be in right column from here on out.

Link to, click AVID ART 2


  1. Love "Avid Art 2" Not sure what to expect but that creates anticipation and high interest! As long as David J. Teter is involved I'm on board! Hey buddy, by the way, what does the "J" in David J. Teter stand for!? Good luck with "Avid or Rabid Art #2!" Snowstorm Waiting Michael

  2. Hi Michael and Happy New Year!
    Expect the unexpected... maybe even a snowstorm!

    What does the "J" stand for?
    John for my maternal Grandfather.

    Snowdrift Making David

    Keep painting...