Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seascape Cliff Crashing Waves

"Seascape Cliff Crashing Waves"
oil on panel, 2010
3.5" x 5" (8.89cm x 12.7cm)
private collection

Here is another small seascape study I did as a gift a few years back. Much like the previous post you can see the saturation of palette is the same. That is what I was doing at the time.

Again, like I said in the previous post, I am looking back at these earlier studies to retrace my thoughts and then decide if there is anything in them I want to pursue for a 2014 series.

I currently have about 15 or 20 works in progress at different stages, in 4 or 5 different series (genres) and various sizes so I don't have a lot to post just yet. I thought I would share these for now.

I have another slightly different version of the above I will post next.
You can at any time click the 'seascape' LABEL and see all the recent and past seascapes and gain a sense of what I am looking towards for a new 2014 series. 265


  1. Good morning David!
    So good! So good! Love this seascape. Would love to see it on a larger surface! I still am amazed how fantastic it is that you get all that great art on such a small area!
    Your seascapes are always a wonder! I still love your trains, urban landscapes, and industrial works!
    Take care buddy!
    Your 15 inch snow covered and 2 degree F cold loving east coast art brrrrrrrr buddy!

    1. Hey Michael!
      You never know it might just make it to a large version. I am still contemplating which ones, or at least which ones as a starting point, will make it large. I have a large one in the works as we speak.
      Too cold for me in Boston. If they made snow that was 15 inches AND 75° I would sign up!

      Thanks Michael,
      Keep painting...

  2. Brrr Montreal is also very cold these days, and I enjoy looking at your seascape. I really like the way you painted the waves, so lively!
    -10 degree F Myriam

    1. Hi Mimi,
      Thank you, even small, I had fun painting it.
      It seems it is cold everywhere except here in the south. Don't know how you all manage.
      -High 60's° low 70's° F David