Monday, March 17, 2014

Catalina Pacific Concrete - Ruins Study 10

"Catalina Pacific Concrete - Ruins Study 10"
watercolor on paper, 2014
7¾"  x 5¾" (19.685cm x14.605cm)
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I pushed more color in this one compared to previous ones. I am still figuring out what I want to do and say with this series so in the experimental stage I am putting down whatever comes to mind.

As in others from this series of studies this one shows the excavator, but while at rest.
The 'Ruins' sub-series focuses on the plant, during its demise, but at its periods of inactivity. Much closer to the silence of ancient ruins in their depictions.
But here the silence is only for its short periods, not years and years... here it is brief.
So the excavator lingers nearby, ready to go at it again.

I like the bright artificial color of the machine against the earthy colors of the ruins. Coming in from the corner it does seem at the ready.279


  1. Hello David! This is your East Coast Art Buddy Michael! Remember me? I am not sure what has been going on but I certainly haven't been visiting your blog enough and commenting anywhere near enough! Sometimes I get into these odd zones and time passes by with me not doing many of the things I usually do! Anyway all that being said! Of course I love all your latest paintings! I absolutely love urban ruins, concrete, rust and so much more that many others don't appreciate. You capture so much so well. It is always a thrill and a joy for me to look at your art buddy and enjoy over and over again! Thank you for being true to yourself and painting what you want and how you want! I will be visiting more often and writing more! (Unless these zen zone like time lapses occur! Take care David. Good to be back!
    Your still "out there" Avid Art follower! Michael

  2. Yoooooo Michael!
    Happy to see you back! I figured you had gotten busy with your classes at the MFAB, then of course we had St. Patricks Day so maybe some 'lost time' ? ; 0
    You know.... Irish for 'zen zone'... ; ) lol

    I'm having some fun and inspiration from this series. Saw the building coming down and had to strike while the iron is hot. Seascapes on hold, but will return to them soon.
    You're right most don't appreciate the urban stuff but I'm glad you get it too.
    Ruins are ruins, right? just like all those ancient ruins from art history.

    Thanks for your visit,
    Keep painting....

  3. Wow David, you have been very prolific since my last visit. I really love what you are doing with all these concrete ruin studies. I think they will prove a valuable documentation of the changing urban landscape as time goes on. You are fulfilling the role of the artist perfectly by drawing attention to something we might not otherwise notice or appreciate.
    I saw on Michael's blog that you are in need of rain where you are. We are also in dire need of it here. There are clouds gathering as I write so hopefully we might get a drop or two soon.

    Happy painting!

    1. Thank you Wendy,
      I certainly dove in head first here. The last 2 or 3 I have done since were not up to par but more are coming before I move into larger works.

      Most people don't notice such things, glad you see it too.
      Oh man! Rain, simple water falling from the sky.
      Some parts of the country, and world, have too much! Go figure.
      If we have any to spare I'll send some your way but don't count on it!
      Keep painting...