Monday, March 10, 2014

Catalina Pacific Concrete - Ruins Study 3

"Catalina Pacific Concrete - Ruins Study 3"
watercolor on paper, 2014
5¾"  x 7¾" (14.605cm x 19.685cm)
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I decided to try out some monochromatic studies. Many ruins drawings from art history are done this way and it gives it that old world feel. Once again holding the modern against the traditional.

I like this oblique view from the shadow side with the foreground bathed in light.
The dark shadow rising in the middle ground commands attention despite not being the largest element in the picture, it's all about staging sometimes. Light foreground, dark middle ground, middle range background (sky).
All of it conveys the massive weight of tons of concrete.

This one, although very similar to study 2 in composition, is its polar opposite, commanding and weighty vs light and airy.
Color aside,  just by utilizing different value ranges and controlling edges two entirely qualities come out of each.272

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