Sunday, July 12, 2015

Art-A-Fair Above the Hazy Arroyo

"Above the Hazy Arroyo"
oil on panel, 2015
16" x 9" (40.64cm x 22.86cm)

New landscape(s), new format.
I have 3 new landscapes at Art-A-Fair right now and 2 others on the easel.
I am trying various palettes on these, from my usual palette to more earthy (like this one) to higher chroma and various combinations of those.

This atmospheric conditions provided a good excuse for high contrast between foreground and background, with the middle ground in between but closer in value to the background. Within the foreground and middle ground the value shifts are subtle and the color saturation turned up, especially in the foreground, for that deep rich tone. Fore and middle grounds having a mixture of warms and cools and set against the more neutral background so it's not so singular or flat in approach.

Thick air you can see.
Above the lush arroyo on a warm hazy October day.
A great view that opens up to the dry hills and distant mountains. The sun fighting through the haze to seep into and warm the landscape.307


  1. This painting has a wonderful atmosphere, the technique has worked very well, getting that light and contrast.
    At first it seems a photograph that is due to how well the plans are obtained luminosity.
    Very interesting work of atmospheric perspective.



  2. Thank you ricardo, I am searching for my landscape voice so I have allowed myself various approaches. It is near photographic at first look but is surprisingly loose and scrubbed-in or brush-dragged paint in the foreground which is also a nice contrast to the middle and foreground. I enjoyed painting this one.
    Keep painting...

    Gracias Ricardo, Estoy buscando mi voz paisaje así que me he permitido diversos enfoques. Es casi fotográfica a primera vista, pero es sorprendentemente flojo y fregado-in o pintura cepillo-arrastrado en el primer plano, que es también un bonito contraste con el medio y primer plano. Me gustó pintar éste.
    Mantenga la pintura ...

  3. This is spectacular David! You've captured so much atmosphere and a great sense of distance and depth. Great subtleties throughout!!

  4. Thank you Wendy, it is one I have had my mind on for quite some time and Art-A-Fair was a good excuse to get back to landscapes. Stay tuned for more!
    Keep painting...