Saturday, July 4, 2015

Art-A-Fair Storage Yard Nocturne (Stars)

"Storage Yard Nocturne (Stars)"    SOLD
oil on panel, 2015
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm)

Happy 4th of July!

I have no paintings of fireworks so the next closest thing was this one with shooting stars. ; )

I like storage yards as a subject and have done several in this series including nocturnes. Although technically some may not be a yard used only for storage, they may be some business, I use it as an all encompassing term for these industrial sites, usually seen from the outside the fence.
I added the shooting stars to offset the stillness of the night.305


  1. When I look at your beautiful painting, I have no choice: I have to let my imagination going wherever my imagination wants to go… And it’s a very cool “industrial landscape” experience!

    1. Hi Mimi, Thank you! I always appreciate hearing someone's reaction to my work. Many times it is a reflection of my own thoughts creating it.
      Keep drawing and sewing...

  2. It has always seemed interesting and mysterious industrial landscapes. Where they are made and the things we use are stored. I call them "non-places" that can be anywhere in the world. Usually people ignore them. Your painting is very interesting because it creates an eerie atmosphere. It's like an omen. It is a very current concept of understanding art,
      working with objects and everyday things without artistic connotations.

    1. Hi ricardo, thank you, I think most often it is the artist who understands more because we look longer at these places. It is our job to show (the public) what they miss because they only seek obvious beauty. But our world and lives are filled with much more than that.
      Your comment and Mimi's prove it is not only the subject but how we see it and portray it that is most important. As you say, they can be anywhere so I try to paint its universal appeal and leave some interpretation for the viewer to find.
      Keep painting...

      Hola Ricardo, gracias, creo que con más frecuencia es el artista que entiende más porque miramos más tiempo en estos lugares. Es nuestro trabajo para mostrar (el público) lo que se pierden, ya que sólo buscan la belleza obvia. Pero nuestro mundo y vidas están llenas de mucho más que eso.
      Tu comentario y Mimi de demostrar que no sólo es el tema, sino cómo lo vemos y describimos lo que es más importante. Como usted dice, que pueden estar en cualquier lugar, así que trato de pintar su atractivo universal y dejar un poco de interpretación para que el espectador encuentre.
      Mantenga la pintura ...

  3. Fantastic composition and sense of atmosphere, as always! I learn so much and find such great inspiration from your work!

    1. Hi Katherine, Thank you! Again, I always appreciate the comments from my fellow artists who view each others work from more than one perspective... the process of creating and the end result.
      Keep drawing...

  4. Happy Fourth and Fifth David! Of course I love this wonderful work! Love dark night! I feel like I am right there! Love the shooting stars in the distance! Keep on painting buddy!

    1. Hi Michael, Thank you! I hope you will be back in the saddle soon, miss your postings!
      I felt good about this one, a quick study. Sometimes they just 'fall out' of us onto the surface. This was one of those.
      The comments here from all four of you artists... "imagination going wherever my imagination wants to go…" "mysterious industrial landscapes.... eerie atmosphere" "sense of atmosphere" "dark night! I feel like I am right there!" all make me feel good about this one. Perhaps I should do a larger version?
      Keep healing so you can keep painting...