Sunday, July 19, 2015

Art-A-Fair Santa Ana River 6

"Santa Ana River 6"
oil on panel, 2015
16" x 9" (40.64cm x 22.86cm)

While researching an illustration for a magazine I visited an arroyo at the northern rural end of the Santa Ana River in San Bernardino California.

This has expanded my Santa Ana River series to include more classic natural views in addition to the southern urban versions where the river meets the ocean. This one from the middle of the river as it passes through a shadow.309


  1. This is beautiful, with so much atmosphere and movement. What magazines have you illustrated for?

  2. Thanks Katherine, I enjoyed doing this and doing some landscapes for a change. I was referring to Orion magazine and a recent illustration I did for it a few months back.
    See these 2 posts or click the "Santa Ana River" label for the entire series: