Friday, September 18, 2015

Laguna Beach Art Gallery Show

It's short notice I know!
But here's an announcement for a group show I am part of in Laguna Beach. It was put together rather quickly. We just finished up at Art-A-Fair only a couple weeks ago and here we go.
Sometimes you just go with it.
A group of us artists from Art-A-Fair plus two others are participating in a show at Virga Gallery hosted by Virga Siauciunaite, one of the artists from the festival.
The show will hang for the next month so if you can make you won't be disappointed.


  1. Hi David, I hope the Art-A-Fair exhibition ended up a roaring success for you! Sounds like you've made some great arty friends and participating in the show at the Virga Gallery will be fun.
    I love all the pen sketches you've been doing of late - some really great stuff amongst it.
    Even though I live under a rock by choice as far as keeping up with news goes, some always gets through. One thing being news of the Californian bushfires! So sorry to hear of all the devastation - it must be so awful for everyone!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Art-A-Fair was a great experience and has opened up many opportunities, including this show which I would not have been a part of had I not exhibited at Art-A-Fair.
    Yes, I have also expanded my circle of artist friends and being immersed in that art environment for two months was one of the best parts about it too.

    Thanks, I am really enjoying getting back to simple pleasure of drawing again after a long haul of hitting the easel and just painting. And I should say all your recent drawings, since returning from your trip abroad, reminded and inspired me to get back to it, so thanks!

    Every year we get the brushfires and every year many lose their homes which is so tragic. It is a part of life here.

    Nice to hear from you again, keep drawing!...

  3. I'm so pleased that my recent drawings have helped inspire you! Sketching is sooooo addictive is it not? Although having said that I haven't done much of late as I'm suffering a bit of burn out since finishing my book. But I'm hoping to get back to painting and sketching again in earnest very soon. Your drawings in turn are inspiring me to pick up the pens again!