Thursday, September 24, 2015

Marker Drawings 8

Sketchbook drawings
ballpoint pen, Sharpie markers bullet and fine point, Copic value markers, gel ink pen, 2015
sketchbook 6" x 8" (15.24cm x 20.32cm)

Still more. From life, photo, memory, imagination, whichever one happens to be working the best at the moment or best suits my temperament.
Many of these are more carefully drawn which happens to be my temperament lately. After the long stint painting oils as I do I needed to loosen up, see previous posts or hit 'Marker Drawings' LABEL.
I did, but that need to delineate always comes back, for now.
Sloooow and thoughtful. Really make conscious decisions on value control and compositional shapes.

Neither loose nor tight is better. As artists we should do both, at least in sketching and drawing. It is our Yin and Yang? It only makes us better.

I also had some fun mixing the warm and cool Copic markers on some sketches. There is a richness in tone on those I like.
I have really blown through a lot of markers doing these, including the Copic markers which are nearly dry now. I had to go out and but all new markers!
I only wish some sketches weren't duds! I look at the all that ink... and think, well, at least I know what NOT to do!351,352,353,354,355,356,357


  1. Bonjour cher ami,

    Je trouve chacun de vos croquis très intéressant...
    Certains me font penser aux oeuvres de Bernard Buffet...
    J'aime la manière aussi que vous travaillez les arbres.
    Un charme fou !

    Gros bisous ✿

    1. Hello dear friend,

      I find each of your interesting sketch ...
      Some remind me of the works of Bernard Buffet ...
      I like the way as you work the trees.
      A charm!

      Big kisses ✿

      Thank you martine,
      I was not familiar with the work of Bernard Buffet. I love his uncompromising graphic depictions and unapologetic subject matter.
      Not all art need be of the already pretty.
      That is the beauty in them, part of our own psyche!
      Keep drawing/painting...

    2. Merci Martine,
      Je ne suis pas familier avec le travail de Bernard Buffet. Je adore ses représentations graphiques sans compromis et sans vergogne sujet.
      Pas besoin d'être tout l'art de la déjà très.
      Telle est la beauté en eux, une partie de notre propre psyché!
      Gardez dessin / peinture ...

  2. Wow, David, every one of these is fantastic! You are so prolific AND so talented! The very top one is so atmospheric - I can smell the eucalyptus and feel the shade (it looks like a eucalypt to me even if it isn't!!). Also I love your quirky subject matter - numbers five and ten particularly appeal to me. You have made beautiful art out of something I would find ugly in real life. Or is it a case of finding the beauty in the ugly? -- All too deep for me to analyse at this time of day!!
    Well done! I'm really enjoying your latest art exploits!

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks, so nice to have you hangin' around all these marker posts. Yes, it is a eucalyptus.
    I do like to hear which ones you respond to the most, numbers five and ten.
    Five is a road cut I have driven passed thousands of times (no joke) and I finally got around to drawing it. It was that tree and its shape I always noticed.
    Ten is also a real site I have driven passed too, but done from memory so some differences from real life.

    Two of my favorite of this bunch are 9 and 13, both of which weren't working so I turned them into nocturnes and the value patterns turned out far better.
    Keep drawing...

  4. Yes, I also like number 9! Again, it has that very interesting composition that you are so good at. I can see the appeal of number 13 too - you have captured the hushed stillness of night very well here!