Saturday, October 31, 2015

Catalina Pacific Concrete Watercolor

"Catalina Pacific Concrete (Demolition 3)"
watercolor on paper, 2015
8.5" x 15" (21.59cm x 38.1cm)
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A slight pause from all the recent marker sketches just so you know I still paint.

Here is a recent watercolor from the ongoing Catalina Pacific Concrete series, the demolition sub-series. This sub-series focuses on the actual destruction of the neighborhood landmark. At least it had been a fixture in the neighborhood for years.

Many from the overall Catalina Pacific Concrete series are painted with a thought in mind first, with some level of realism, not rendered, but with a certain vagueness to communicate that thought.

I painted this one simply and in a stark more graphic manner reminiscent of its final demise, quietly disappearing with a final punch in the stomach. Sometimes simply stated communicates that idea better as I did with this earlier version of the plant. It is the subject being subdued.

This one is completely devoid of any real background which is lost in the mist of demolition.

If you've read my Skies post this sky too is not an afterthought. It has a similar but more subtle upheaval as this watercolor of another local neighborhood landmark succumbing to the fate of demolition. Its subtlety came from the decision to retain the stark white from the first of this sub-series "Catalina Pacific Concrete (Demolition 1)" while still showing some of the action of the de-construction.380

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