Sunday, February 23, 2014


"Catalina Pacific Concrete (Demolition 1)"
watercolor on paper, 2014
9" x 12" (22.86cm x 30.48cm)
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Here is another from the series.
The old Catalina Pacific Concrete Plant, which I recently found out was built in 1939 if my source is correct, moves one step closer to being erased from the landscape, becoming transparent as its corrugated skin is slowly removed.

It will be odd when it is gone, since it is the only tall structure where it stands and can be seen for blocks in all directions. The skyline will have a noticeable void in it.

Although it has sat untouched for a while it won't be long now. It is going to become a parking lot for the current business that operates there now.

I painted this view with the skyline in mind, showing how the building is (has been) seen against it by leaving it nearly white, a blankness interrupted by the block of a building.
This version has more warms and cools interspersed throughout over previous ones (below), giving it some life just as it is being razed.267

See other versions of it here, here, here, here.


  1. Hello David! This is your art buddy, Michael! Remember me! Sorry I haven't written sooner. Been under the weather a bit but now on the mend! Love the title of this one David, "Eraser!" So sad to see so many of these fascinating buildings being "erased" everywhere. So happy that you are painting them! And so well! I checked your series and love them all!!!
    Oh, do you remember commenting on a couple of photos of a statue at MFA I posted some time ago? I was at MFA today and found out the statue has never been moved!
    Only appeared so in photos. Soon I will post new photo. Oh the plaque on the base of statue is still a mystery. Great to be back checking out your art and "talking" with you! Take care Dave!!
    Your concerned about the weather in Southern California Art Buddy!

  2. Hey Michael!
    Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, so was I with the flu again, which is why my postings have been slim lately. You have also been under the snow from what I have seen on the news. We are in a drought except we had to much rain all at once past few days. Now it is mudslide season!
    I'll have to see the statue photos again, can't figure out how the background could be so different?

    In addition to the seascapes this series is on a roll right now. I have some small studies that will be posting in the next few days. This came up because I saw the building coming down (almost totally gone now) and wanted to pause the seascapes in favor of this current situation. Stay tuned (and warm) and...

    Keep painting...