Friday, July 15, 2011

The Oceanside Museum of Art 'Summer Soirée'

The Oceanside Museum of Art, a hidden gem in north San Diego County California, recently held the artist donor reception (June 26th) for their 'Summer Soirée Art Auction 2011'. I had the pleasure of meeting lots of interesting people, including other artists whose work is also part of the auction.
Events like this are always a treat because it gives us artists a chance to give back to the museums, the venues that in turn support our love of creating and earning a living through art.
The auction/fundraiser is June 28th through July 23rd, culminating in their Summer Soirée held Saturday July 23rd at the museum. All proceeds from the sales of art go to support the museum. Bidding is open to the public.

I had the honor of painting two pieces for the auction (bottom photo), choosing to focus on the stunning architecture of the museum.

As you can see from the first two photos, the huge plate glass windows are actually sliding doors that allow them to turn the museum reception area into an open air event, perfect for the summer.

For more info on the art auction click here.
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  1. what a wonderful way of showing art and keeping art alive in public art galleries! They are always the first places I visit when I go to a new city and I have always come away with some new learning. I am sure your paintings will make good money for the galleries:)

  2. Thank you Rahina,
    I too enjoy getting out to museums and art galleries.
    And Thank you too for dropping in, I always value your feedback, based on comments you are the most frequent visitor here, another public gallery of sorts.
    No matter the what the venue is , without viewers our art would just sit there and of course it's meant to be seen.

  3. Hi David, Very nice! I really enjoyed your paintings of the museum. Create, Support, Appreciate Art! Looks great thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Carol,
    I enjoyed painting them and it was nice meeting you and talking trains.