Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OMA Auction Paintings

Top:        "OMA #1"            SOLD
                oil on panel, 2011
                10" x 7.5" (25.4cm x 19.05cm)

Bottom:  "OMA #4"            SOLD
                oil on panel, 2011
                10" x 7.5" (25.4cm x 19.05cm)
View the complete art auction online; Oceanside Museum of Art Blog
For more info or to place a bid on any artworks in the silent auction call 760.435.3722
or email ; danielle@oma-online.org.

Here are my two paintings for the Oceanside Museum of Art Auction/Fundraiser. See previous post for more info.
Having visited the museum during the day as well as after dark to really study the architecture I decided to focus in on its entrance instead of a panoramic view, choosing two slightly different views, each taking advantage of that time of day and night.

"OMA #1"
This is the most dramatic nocturnal view of the Oceanside Museum of Art entrance. Lit up from inside, the architecture has a completely different character with an emphasis on it's warm interior.
Diagonal lines of light, the stairwell and interior corridors converge on the museums strong signature "O" located prominently at the center base of a pyramid shape formed by the lights of the upper hall and highlighting the reception area.

"OMA #4"
This is my favorite view of the Oceanside museum of Art; it transforms the formal architecture into diagonal planes and highlights the strong lines in the windows.
The reflected light off the unseen side of the glass provides extra drama against the dark marine layer.
The Museums strong signature "O" logo is prominently featured against the dramatic glass architecture of the entrance and draws in artists, art patrons and the public.122,123

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