Saturday, July 2, 2011

Park Nocturne

"Tree Nocturne (Park Hillside)"
oil on panel, 2009
7.75" x 7.25" (19.685cm x 18.415cm)
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The nocturne... its origin, mid 19th century French from Latin, nocturnus, meaning 'of the night'.

From my Tree Nocturne series. This was painted in one sitting or alla prima. Alla Prima, derived from Italian meaning 'at the first'.
I very rarely complete a painting in one sitting since I prefer working in layers but sometimes the image just 'falls out onto the surface' as it did here.

Painted from my imagination having seen so many urban and suburban parks. Hints of buildings, a walkway and sloping grass was enough.121

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  1. Beautiful. I love the melancholy feeling this creates. Does that sound weird? I LIKE feeling melancholy? (say what?!) In a peaceful, introspective way is what I mean. THe subtle shifts in value is superbly done. Really enjoyed my visit to your blog today. :)

  2. Thank you Crystal,
    Doesn't sound weird either. That IS the night. Which is precisely why I love the nocturne. It is peaceful (except last night).

    Thanks for visiting... ya'll come back... we'll leave the light on.