Sunday, July 24, 2011

OMA Auction Paintings SOLD & OMA Store 1

I'm happy to report that my two paintings for the Oceanside Museum of Art sold saturday at their 'Summer Soirée'. Links to previous posts on this here and here or see below, a couple posts back.

I'm also fortunate to have some of my paintings offered in their museum store. 7 small oils and one watercolor.
The 3 below currently on my blog here, here and here. The train used for my Avatar/Favicon/Photo URL in a cropped version.
The others will come in (near) future posts.


  1. congratulations on the sales and wishing you more success in the selling of the others... they should go fast as they are beautiful works of art.

  2. Thanks for your support rahina,
    It's exciting to have some of my work offered through their museum Hope your hand is healing up good so you can get back to painting.