Monday, January 31, 2011


"Oil Plant Nocturne"   SOLD
oil on panel, 2011
4" x 5" (10.16cm x 12.7cm)

My 100th posted image. Numbered posts include only images posted for the first time, so this does not count posts with repeated images due to an update or an all text post, gallery or show announcement.
I originally planned to feature an image from a new upcoming 2011 series on the Vincent Thomas Bridge as the 100th but upon discovering the recent demise of the oil plant I decided it would finish out the first 100. The new series starting at 101.

Although this nocturne features trees, it is from my Oil Plant series. This building was on the same site as the oil plant and served as the office.
Now shut down, the windows boarded up, the only signs of life are the trees and the lone light needlessly illuminating the parking lot.

I saw this in the day time but turned it into a nocturne, so I needed to figure out or imagine how it would look at night with the light on and other ambient light at the horizon and the left side.
About the time I painted this, I revisited the site and much to my dismay it was gone, the plant razed to the ground (actually a pumping station I recently found out), nothing left but a lot scraped clean and piles of dirt. TERMINATED.

So with that in mind... it's final night.
The power pole, with it's wires, function as a cross much like you would see on a grave site. Although it is usually considered bad design to split compositions in half, sometimes I will do so just to see if I can 'break a rule' and still make it work, a challenge I enjoy. See three others with the same premise here and here and here. In this case I made it work by keeping the dissector, the pole, the same value as the tree so that it did not prominently show the near mid composition split.

Then deciding the distribution and the balancing of the warms and cools; the front of the building cool, the back warm, via the light (which probably wasn't actually working since I doubt there was power to the site). But in making an image, changes can be made to strengthen an idea or composition, so on it went. With the focus on the lower right corner, typically another design no-no, the taller tree was lit by another warm but unseen light source, to set up a diagonal and give it balance.100

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Chandler's-study #1"

"Chandler's - study #1"
Graphite on paper, 2010
8" x 10" (20.32cm x 25.4cm)
For Sale at Daily Paintworks, CLICK HERE

A study of a cement retaining wall at the backside of a rock quarry. Perhaps one I will turn into a painting at some point. With a couple of commissioned projects in the early stages, so many current series going as well as some new ones planned for 2011... I'll be busy. So as of now I don't know if this will see the light of day in paint, but we'll see.

Vigorously drawn, focusing here on the arrangement of values, referred to as a value comp or sketch.99

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A study of a cement retaining wall at the backside of a rock quarry.
Focusing here on the arrangement of values, referred to as a value comp or sketch but with a bit more information than a thumbnail.

The key to making this otherwise simple subject of concrete wall and railing exciting was to instill some action in an inactive, static image by using vigorously drawn strokes swirling around the center and not being too literal with the depiction of trees and surrounding landscape.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jackson Hole Wyoming-Horizon Fine Art Gallery

There is tons of snow in Jackson Hole Wyoming. If you are headed there to ski don't forget to stop by Horizon Fine Art Gallery at 30 King Street, it's latest location.

Click here or above for a preview of all the great art featured at the gallery.
With over 70 artists, painters and dimensional, there is plenty to see.


"Eastern Phoebe"
pencil on paper, 2011
5" x 4" (12.7cm x 10.16cm)

"Eastern Wood-Pewee"
pencil on paper, 2011
3.75" x 3.25" (9.525cm x 8.255cm)

Here's a couple quick little sketches of flycatchers. Called flycatchers due to there manner of feeding or hunting, perching in one spot then flying out to catch insects out of the air. Both are rather plain or even drab in their color and markings but no less beautiful than more fanciful species. The Eastern Phoebe (top) is a slim flycatcher that perches low along streams. The Eastern Wood-pewee perches high among foliage in forests and is rarely seen.97,98

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update-Previous Post- "Water and Power"

*Most of the time when paintings are done and framed they are out of my hands so I don't get a chance to photograph them framed. Occasionally I do. I've posted a photo of the painting "Water and Power" on the original post 'Concrete Facades' from the May 2010 archives.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Figure Study-Hips-Legs"

"Figure Study-Hips-Legs"
oil on panel, 2010
7" x 5" (17.78cm x 12.7cm)
private collection

A quick figure study. My focus here was more a study in paint application than an anatomical study, so an experimental study. When it comes to the figure I am still searching a bit for a 'visual voice' in all it's forms.
I usually prefer to have something to say or represent about the subject. Some kind of impression or response that helps guide decisions or gives me direction when it comes to the elements of art and design. Elements like paint application, value, edges, color etc. as well as the more emotional and conceptual responses. This is one of my goals for 2011... to really start working more with the figure until something begins to emerge, to search out some kind of expression then find a way to articulate it visually.96

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