Thursday, July 28, 2011

OMA Store 2

"Encina Power Station Nocturne"    SOLD
oil on panel, 2011
4" x 5" (10.16cm x 12.7cm)

Here is another of my paintings at the Oceanside Museum of Art Store.

No moon, the darkness of night slowly consuming the fading light.
The lagoon for now still visible, but just barely. Soon the only interruption to the inky black will be a thin strand of smoldering embers at the horizon, nothing else till morning.124

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

OMA Auction Paintings SOLD & OMA Store 1

I'm happy to report that my two paintings for the Oceanside Museum of Art sold saturday at their 'Summer Soirée'. Links to previous posts on this here and here or see below, a couple posts back.

I'm also fortunate to have some of my paintings offered in their museum store. 7 small oils and one watercolor.
The 3 below currently on my blog here, here and here. The train used for my Avatar/Favicon/Photo URL in a cropped version.
The others will come in (near) future posts.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Early Announcement - Fall Show

Besides recent and current projects, I am incredibly busy preparing for an upcoming show in the fall at the Randy Higbee Gallery.
Up to 50 works, paintings and drawings in various mediums including mixed media, at assorted sizes from the smaller 5" x 7"s up to at least 24" x 36" maybe larger.

I plan on showing several current series; my favorite assorted industrials, trains, burnscapes, seascapes and especially the bridge series which the show will center around and one I haven't yet really shown other than a couple of 6" x 6"s at previous shows. I'm also going to try to include a small percentage of works (hints) of new series which have been rolling around in the back of my head for some time.

As the show nears I'll post a few random images of whats to come, so stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OMA Auction Paintings

Top:        "OMA #1"            SOLD
                oil on panel, 2011
                10" x 7.5" (25.4cm x 19.05cm)

Bottom:  "OMA #4"            SOLD
                oil on panel, 2011
                10" x 7.5" (25.4cm x 19.05cm)
View the complete art auction online; Oceanside Museum of Art Blog
For more info or to place a bid on any artworks in the silent auction call 760.435.3722
or email ;

Here are my two paintings for the Oceanside Museum of Art Auction/Fundraiser. See previous post for more info.
Having visited the museum during the day as well as after dark to really study the architecture I decided to focus in on its entrance instead of a panoramic view, choosing two slightly different views, each taking advantage of that time of day and night.

"OMA #1"
This is the most dramatic nocturnal view of the Oceanside Museum of Art entrance. Lit up from inside, the architecture has a completely different character with an emphasis on it's warm interior.
Diagonal lines of light, the stairwell and interior corridors converge on the museums strong signature "O" located prominently at the center base of a pyramid shape formed by the lights of the upper hall and highlighting the reception area.

"OMA #4"
This is my favorite view of the Oceanside museum of Art; it transforms the formal architecture into diagonal planes and highlights the strong lines in the windows.
The reflected light off the unseen side of the glass provides extra drama against the dark marine layer.
The Museums strong signature "O" logo is prominently featured against the dramatic glass architecture of the entrance and draws in artists, art patrons and the public.122,123

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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Oceanside Museum of Art 'Summer Soirée'

The Oceanside Museum of Art, a hidden gem in north San Diego County California, recently held the artist donor reception (June 26th) for their 'Summer Soirée Art Auction 2011'. I had the pleasure of meeting lots of interesting people, including other artists whose work is also part of the auction.
Events like this are always a treat because it gives us artists a chance to give back to the museums, the venues that in turn support our love of creating and earning a living through art.
The auction/fundraiser is June 28th through July 23rd, culminating in their Summer Soirée held Saturday July 23rd at the museum. All proceeds from the sales of art go to support the museum. Bidding is open to the public.

I had the honor of painting two pieces for the auction (bottom photo), choosing to focus on the stunning architecture of the museum.

As you can see from the first two photos, the huge plate glass windows are actually sliding doors that allow them to turn the museum reception area into an open air event, perfect for the summer.

For more info on the art auction click here.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Update-Previous Post- "Value Thumbnails"

*Based on a comment from a follower (Thank you Erin) I have posted an update to the "Value Thumbnails" post here.

Something that did not occur to me at the time was to go back and update the original post as well as link the finished paintings back to the thumbnails. All relevant posts now link back and forth.

This shows part of the process artists go through in creating images, whether they are paintings or other mediums. Part of the process because sometimes there are steps in between thumbnails and finished work, on these I felt further study wasn't needed.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

International Survey 2011

The Crussell Fine Arts International Survey 2011 that I am included in and mentioned in an earlier post here is now available here on Lulu.

Jeffrey Crussell  Fine Arts has been exceptionally generous in promoting all the artists represented in the periodical by passing out the above postcard at art fairs, galleries and gallery openings around the US, including Miami, NY, LA, San Francisco and Orange County California. Additionally they have been showing the book to galleries, collectors, curators and various industry professionals including architects and developers.

My Thanks to Crussell Fine Arts for all their hard work.
Links: Crussell Fine Arts website. Crussell Fine Arts blog. Jeffrey Crussell Books on Lulu.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Park Nocturne

"Tree Nocturne (Park Hillside)"
oil on panel, 2009
7.75" x 7.25" (19.685cm x 18.415cm)
For Sale at Daily Paintworks, CLICK HERE

The nocturne... its origin, mid 19th century French from Latin, nocturnus, meaning 'of the night'.

From my Tree Nocturne series. This was painted in one sitting or alla prima. Alla Prima, derived from Italian meaning 'at the first'.
I very rarely complete a painting in one sitting since I prefer working in layers but sometimes the image just 'falls out onto the surface' as it did here.

Painted from my imagination having seen so many urban and suburban parks. Hints of buildings, a walkway and sloping grass was enough.121

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