Monday, April 11, 2016

Marker Drawings 27

Sketchbook drawings
Sharpie markers bullet, fine point, ultra fine point, Dick Blick Studio markers, 2016
sketchbook 6" x 8" (15.24cm x 20.32cm)

Well, I can't seem to stop, for now, with the marker sketches so here are some more. I keep telling myself to jump to another sketching medium for a while like pencil or india ink but I am able to get into these on a moments notice. Just uncap and go. Perfect when I am out and about. I know that is also true of other sketching mediums but I like being able to go pure black with just a swipe of the tool. No pens to fill, pencils to sharpen etc. I also like ballpoint pen for its quick and permanent application except for its fine-point-only limitation. Markers, from thin to bullet to nice wide swaths of tone. Black with no fuss, no building of tone. Commit to it and lay it down.

I suppose I should post some of my works in progress, something I don't do very often in part because I don't usually think about photographing them as I am working and because, well, I usually hate the way they look in progress.
This is especially true of my watercolors. Maybe its me since I enjoy seeing watercolors in progress from others but don't see mine the same way. Mine in progress are just scary. I don't like looking at them and will push them as quickly as possible through those beginning stages. If I didn't know better I would give on them early in the painting process. But I do and just keep pushing until I can bare to look at them.441,442,443,444,445,446