Monday, December 23, 2013

Seascape Dark Rock Study

"Seascape - Dark Rock Study"
oil on panel, 2013
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78)

In my recent seascape studies here is an oil painting. The dark rock against all the white boulders made for a good study in the colors of white on a bright sunny day. I pushed the saturation quite a bit on this one.

If one like this makes it to a larger more finished version I may likely pull back a bit on the saturation. Part of experimenting is pushing things to really find out what can be done. This allowed me to focus on the color cast of each area.262

*I photographed this painting while wet so most of the white specks are glare highlights. When dry I will rephotograph.
*12/28/13 I've uploaded this more accurate pic. Gone are the white highlight specks. Any left are the white of the board showing.


  1. Okay buddy! I already love the sea! Love the mountains and hills by the ocean! Now I am loving this huge beautiful rocks! You and your wonderful art always help to remember to find beauty in just about everything! Thanks for a great year of art David!
    Happiest Of New Years!
    Your Salt Water Sea Loving Art Buddy!

  2. Thank you Michael,
    I realized toward the end of this year that I missed the seascape.
    Although, as always, I have more ideas than I can possible do I feel the urge to get back to my seascape roots. So look for more this year.

    Keep painting...

  3. I love the depth of this! Beautifully done! Happy Holidays and much success in the New Year!

    1. Thank you Suzanne,
      This is a bit outside of my usual work. As we approach 2014 I am looking to make some additions to my work.

      Keep painting...