Saturday, December 28, 2013

Villa Riviera Backside

"Villa Riviera Backside"
oil on panel, 2013
6" x 4" (15.24cm x 10.16cm)
Direct link to painting here

The fascinating Villa Riviera in Long Beach California.
I have painted this building a couple times already and always had plans to get back to it. I still don't have clear in my head what exactly I want to do with it or how to portray it. Doing these smaller studies will help me see and decide before doing a larger version.263

12/30/13 I've added this update below:
Two other paintings of Villa Riviera here and here.

*This one gave me fits when I photographed it. I will have to reshoot and repost the image.
**12/29/13 I've updated a more accurate image.


  1. This is really good! How big will the larger version be? It's interesting to see how the different sizes, painted at different times will each have their own uniqueness.

    1. Hi Katherine, not sure yet how big but at least 24 x 16. In fact I will likely do more than one, maybe a large drawing too. Once I find something I like through studies I will do.
      The uniqueness you mention at different sizes is sometimes hard to replicate large.

      Keep painting...

  2. Love this piece David! Your skill is obvious! I love how you interpret your subject matter! Also love what you paint and of course how you paint! This building is so very interesting. Great mystery and majesty! Bravo!
    Happy New Year Buddy!
    Michael Visitor To Long Beach!

  3. Thanks Michael, you would have seen this building on your visit to 'The LB' or 'LBC' as the locals call it. It is hard to miss.
    The building has some history to it. Was once a hotel frequented by Hollywood Stars. See my post "Gothic and Ominous" and you'll see another painting of this building.

    Keep painting...